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Reiki is a non-invasive therapy which can be performed with hands on your skin or hands-off for those who prefer to not have physical contact with the therapist. Reiki utilises Reiki energy which translates crudely from the Japanese as 'universal and vital energy'.


Its purpose is to treat, balance and restore the harmony of all aspects of the individual - body, mind and spirit. As such, it is not a cure in the Western understanding of the word. The Reiki therapist works as a channel of this energy and transmits it to another person, animal or plant via their hands, which may feel warm to the person receiving Reiki. When performed on another person this is usually done by placing hands on several points in the person's body.


The therapy is performed with the client fully clothed and the fact that it doesn't require a hands on approach makes it a great form of touch therapy for those who prefer to receive touch fully clothed or those with a history of trauma who may prefer not to be touched.


Treatments may last anywhere from 30-70 minutes as it is generally accepted that intuition on the day should be what dictates when the treatment ends. More information can be found in the FAQ's page

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