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The Samadhi Massage

This Samadhi Massage is an exclusive 120 minutes session designed to bring you to a place of utter peacefulness, awareness and connectedness with mind/body. 


Samādhi (समाधि) may be described as a state of meditative absorption whereby training, focusing, cleansing and calming the mind facilitates the nature of reality being finally known and seen just as it is. Whilst actual Samādhi requires long term practice and studying, this massage was designed to be a tool for self awareness of body and mind with the guidance of a massage and Yoga therapist. 

This sensory mindful treatment starts with a process of yogic breathing to centre you in the room and allow the stresses of the day to begin to slip away. This is followed by a head to toe massage (including head and face) done with a warm, fragrant, grounding and nourishing Ayurvedic oil and Saffron based cream*. Throughout the massage you will be encouraged to connect with your breath to allow you to sink deeper into relaxation. Although sleep may happen, it is recommended that you try to remain aware of your body and your surroundings during this session.

Your experience will complete with ten minutes of Shavasana posture, where you will be placed in a completely relaxing position and your eyes closed in a darkened environment. This is to allow for the experience of the last two hours to really sink in, be processed and assimilated.

A gentle gong will be sounded to bring you back to the room. 

*Please note all my oils are imported from India and only use natural ingredients.

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